Every business establishment is required to maintain proper books of accounts as stipulated in the Singapore Companies Act in accordance to Singapore Financial Reporting Standards. At Budget Accounts, we have a strong fleet of dynamic Accountants and IT professionals with extensive knowledge and experience. We have managed to develop a revolutionary way to compile and collate accounting information to produce sets of accounts with the least possible usage of resources. Our professionals have improvised a customized IT software and Workflow Management System to cater for the various needs of existing and newly set-up companies.

How are we able to offer competitive prices while maintaining quality?

  1. We work on the soft copies of all documents, thereby reducing time for manual data entries, and avoiding all re-entries during the course of work.
  2. We are able to perform bookkeeping services with the least possible documents involved. As such, this reduces a significant amount of time in going through heaps of documents.
  3. We deliver all our reports in soft copy form. This reduces courier and other administrative costs, while still providing easy access to the reports at all times.
  4. We provide a detailed assignment status report with appropriate advice at the completion of each task. This will provide insight on the accounts and any necessary actions required.

What We Can Provide

  1. Basic book keeping
  2. Preparing of schedules for audit and reconciliation purposes3) Accounts reconciliation
  3. Preparation of registers, e.g fixed assets register
  4. Debtors / Creditors ledger reconciliation
  5. GST compilation and e-filing
  6. GST accounting and e-filing
  7. Payroll services
  8. Amendments to accounts

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