In BudgetAccounts, we assist you in incorporating a Singapore Private Limited Company and our services include preparation of:

  1. Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A)
    • Memorandum of Association is the document governing the relationship of the company and the outside.
    • Whereas Articles of Association are the documents governing the relationship of the shareholder(s) and the company.
    • With these 2 types of documents together, they constitute the constitution of a company, and M&A are the requirements for establishing a company under the law of Singapore.
  2. Share certificate(s)
    • This is a legal document that certifies the ownership of a specific number of shares in a company.
  3. Statutory books and registers
    • Statutory books are official records kept by a company relating to all legal and statutory matters.
    • Here are the typical contents of a company’s statutory book:
      • Register of Directors
      • Register of Members
      • Register of Secretaries
      • Register of Auditors
      • Register of Directors’ Shareholdings
      • Register of Application and Allotment of Shares
      • Register of Transfer
      • Register of Mortgages or Charges
  4. Common Seal
    • A common seal is the official stamp or “signature” of a company.

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