Representative Office is a temporary business facility for you to test out the business prospects in Singapore.

Features of Representative Office

  1. It should carry the same name as its parent company’s.
  2. It is only allowed to carry out the following activities:
    • Market research
    • Feasibility studies
    • Promotional and liaison work on behalf of the parent company
  3. It is not permitted to engage in the following commercial activities:
    • Trading or business activities, whether carried out directly or on behalf of its parent company
    • Leasing of warehousing facilities
    • Leasing of its office to establishments for a fee
    • Entering into business contracts
    • Issuing an invoice / receipt
    • Opening / receiving letters of credit
    • Signing of contracts on behalf of its parent company
    • Provision of services for a fee
  4. No statutory obligations to file audited accounts, annual returns or tax returns with the local authorities.

Requirements of setting-up a Representative Office

  1. One Chief Representative staff member from the parent company has to be relocated to Singapore to oversee the activities of the Representative Office.
  2. A Representative Office must have a registered office address in Singapore.
  3. A Representative Office must be 100% owned by the parent company.

Remarks: A foreigner has to hold a valid work pass in order to work in Singapore. We can assist to apply the work pass for the Chief Representative.

For more details on the work pass, please click ? Employment Pass

Documents needed

  1. Certificate of incorporation of the parent company
  2. Copy of the parent company’s latest annual report and audited accounts
  3. Duly endorsed undertaking to abide by the Terms and Conditions governing Representative Offices in Singapore
  4. Completed application forms


  1. Application to International Enterprise Singapore for approval (approx. 5 business working days). The registration is valid for one year and subject to an annual renewal.
  2. Apply for relevant Employment Pass (EP)
    • Online Application (7 days)/ Manual Application (5 weeks)
    • Upon receipt of the In-principle Approval notification, arrangements will be made for the collection of your Employment Pass.

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