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Matters to consider before setting-up a business in Singapore:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will not issue a work visa to a foreigner who wishes to register and run a sole-proprietorship or a partnership in Singapore; which is to say, the only option available is to incorporate a private limited company. (Please click this link for the requirements ? Private Limited Company.)
  3. You must not be an un-discharged bankrupt; or else you must obtain permission from High Court or Official Assignee.
  4. You must not be convicted of offenses involving fraud or dishonesty.
  5. Whether you will be relocated to Singapore for running the company’s operations.

If you are relocating to Singapore:

You must incorporate a company and apply for a work pass, and there are 2 types of work pass available to you, namely:

  1. Employment Pass
  2. Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

For more information on which pass is best suited your needs, please click this ? Employment Pass VS Entrepreneur Pass

If you are NOT relocating to Singapore:

You have to appoint a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident / person who is an ordinarily resident in Singapore, to be the Director of your company.

If you have any family member or friend residing in Singapore, he / she can be appointed as the company’s Director; or alternatively, you can engage our Nominee Director Service.

Documents Required:

  1. Details of resident/non-resident shareholders and directors:
    1. Copy of passport identification page
    2. Proof of Address (e.g. bank statement, recent utility bill)
    3. Copy of Employment Pass/ Dependant Pass and Copy of passport if available
    4. Bank Reference Letter
  2. Business details of corporate shareholders:
    1. Registration/incorporation details of the corporate shareholder
    2. Copy of passport identification page of a representative of the corporate shareholder


  1. Ensure that a Singapore resident director has been nominated (through the engaging of our nominee services or otherwise)
  2. Incorporation of company by engaging the services of a professional firm to file the application online
    1. Application for Entity Name (subject to availability and approval by ACRA required)
    2. Registration of the business
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