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Employment Pass FAQs

You will be eligible for application if:

  1. You work in a professional, managerial, executive or specialist job
  2. You are a locally incorporated Singapore company and need to hire foreign employees
  3. You have an employment offer from a prospective Singapore employer. In this case, you will need the company to apply the employment pass application on your behalf

To be considered for an Employment Pass, you must have a fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500 and possess the following:

  1. Recognized educational qualifications
  2. Professional qualifications such as skills and years of experience

Depending upon your salary, education and experience declared, you will be issued with one of the following types of passes

  1. P1: fixed salary of > S$7,000 a month.
  2. P2: fixed salary of > S$3,500 and < S$7,000 a month.
  3. Q1: fixed salary of > S$2,500 and < S$3,500 a month.

Each application is evaluated on an individual basis and not every application gets approved. However, there are a few factors that generally carry more weight in an application:

  1. Applicant age, salary, citizenship, education, professional experience and skills
  2. Roles & responsibility of applicant
  3. Repute of the company and paid up capital
  4. Availability of local staff and economic viability of the company to Singapore

Should your application get rejected, we will follow up with MOM to see what the issue was and, if the circumstances are deemed fit, file an appeal for reconsideration of your application.

There are no limits on the number of employment pass applications.

Employment pass holders do not have to contribute to any social Security, i.e. Central provident fund (commonly know as “CPF” which is only applicable to Singaporeans and permanent residence). However, the employer (company) is required to contribute a fee to the skill development fund. SDL contribution is payable by employers for all employees up to the first $4,500 of gross monthly remuneration** at the rate of 0.25% or $2, whichever is higher.

EntrePass FAQs

As with the Employment Pass, approval is subject to the discretion of MOM. Certain factors that would come under stricter consideration would be the merits of your business proposal, the amount of capital to be invested in the business, the benefits that Singapore will gain from the presence of your business here, etc. Please note that businesses not of an entrepreneurial nature (e.g. coffee shops/hawker centres/food courts, bars/night clubs/lounges, foot reflexology/massage parlours, karaoke lounges, acupuncture/traditional chinese medicine/herbal dispensing, employment agencies and geomancy etc) will also not be considered for an EntrePass. However, if your application is not successful, we will assess the situation to see what the issue is and if the circumstances deem fit, we will raise an appeal to MOM for a reconsideration of your application.
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