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One of the most important tasks for all businesses is the preparation of payroll and payment of salary. The process can be further complicated, more time-consuming and error-prone with additional components such as benefits, allowances, deductions, government remittance, etc. It is of no surprise that consequently many SMEs choose to outsource their payroll function to accounting firms to minimize errors and maximize productivity.

In our end-to-end services, we provide comprehensive support for payroll function such as integrating and facilitating salaries payment and CPF contributions, generating annual Income Tax Return (IR8A), calculating pro-rated salary and bonuses. Our service ensures that government remittances such as CPF are paid on time, tax filing requirements are adhered to, and the payroll information is kept confidential offsite.

Employee self-service online platform is also available for pay slip generation, claims and leaves submission.


  1. Monthly payroll administration (Pay items calculation based on statutory requirements and company policies).
  2. Filling of monthly statutory contributions (CPF,SDL,FWL,CDAC,SINDA and MBMF).
  3. Salary remittent into employee’s bank account or by cheque depending on Company.
  4. Employee self-service online platform for pay slip generation, claim and leaves submission.
  5. Perform annual income tax processing (IR8A).
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