We have presented an estimated cost below to cater to the various forms of Tax filing as well as different level of Computation requirement. Our objective is to break down the overall job into different requirements and to assign a cost as applicable so that the customers will only pay to the level of requirements sufficient for the filing. Such customised service is beneficial in our resource allocation that can be translated to ultimate cost savings for our customers.

Tax Advisory Services Fees From S$350
(1) Corporate/Personal Tax return
Filing Up of :
Form B/B1 (for Individual)
Form C (for Company)
Form P (for Partnership)
Form P1 (for Club and Association)
Form T (for Trust)
(2) Preparation of Basic Tax Computation
Requirement of Other Items (if applicable) to be tabulated in deriving the Tax Computation and the Filing of the Forms (with additional Charges and information) :
(a) Additional fixed assets for computing capital allowance $ 100
(b) determine the deductibility of specific expense $ 100
(3) Apply for waiver for dormant company $ 50
(4) Filing of ECI $ 50
(5) Attending to IRAS queries $50 onwards
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