We are a professional firm registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), who is able to do e-filing on behalf of our clients. Our professionals are here to ensure that business regulatory compliance will never be a burden to you, so that you are able to concentrate on your core business. We have our own customized Information Technology (IT) software and Workflow management system which enable us to provide our professional services economically, swiftly and accurately.

How are we able to deliver competitive prices while still maintaining quality?

  1. Our comprehensive IT system has been developed to cater for Secretarial support, hence all the related forms and documents can be produced reliably and efficiently, thereby saving precious time and cost in the entire process.
  2. We will work and store our work in soft copy form, which is in line with the ACRA practice of encouraging e-filing. The bulk of cost in transporting and storing of physical files has been drastically reduced, paving the way for extremely competitive pricing.
  3. Our professionals are well equipped with years of experience to ensure job efficiency.
  4. Our IT system is able to depict and alert any regulatory updates to reduce any manual tracking by the staffs.
  5. Our fees are customized to allow greater flexibility.

Our Services :

  1. Incorporation of a Private Limited Company in Singapore.
  2. Corporate secretarial retainer services.
  3. Provision of nominee director / nominee shareholder / named secretary.
  4. Provision of registered office / business address.
  5. Preparation of board / shareholder’s resolution.
  6. Preparation of annual report in XBRL format.
  7. Filing of annual return and lodgment of notice with the ACRA.
  8. Striking-off of a private limited company.

Our Commitments

  • Quick response time – all queries will be attended to within 3 working hours.
  • Express service – assignment will be ready by the next working day.
  • Paperless – No hard copy is required.
  • Confidentiality – 100% confidentiality of information

Our Mission

To provide all business with best price and services alternatives via the use of IT.

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