Foreigners who wish to work in Singapore are statutorily required to hold a valid work pass or visa before commencement of their employments.

There are different types of pass and visa available for different categories of foreigner. The categories are:

  1. Professionals
  2. Mid-Skilled Workers
  3. Semi-Skill and Unskilled Workers
  4. Short Term Pass
  5. Foreigners Undergoing Training
  6. Foreign Entrepreneurs


  1. Employment PassEmployment Pass allows foreign professionals to work in Singapore. It applies to foreigners who earn a fixed monthly salary of more than $3,000, and have recognized qualifications. New application is required whenever there is change of employer. Learn more
  2. Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)Foreign entrepreneurs / businessmen who would like to set up their businesses in Singapore may apply for an EntrePass. Learn more
  3. Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)PEP is designed for certain group of existing Employment Pass holders and foreign professionals. The differences between Employment Pass and PEP are – PEP is not tied to the employer; and the holder can remain in Singapore for up to 6 months search for new employment opportunities. Learn more

Mid-Skilled Workers

S PassMid-level skilled foreigners, who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least S $2,000, are eligible to apply for an S Pass. Learn more

Semi-Skilled and Unskilled Workers Work Permit (WP)

Semi-skilled or unskilled foreign workers from an approved source country/territory (depending on the sector which the worker is going to be employed in). Learn more

Short Term Pass

Miscellaneous Work PassThis pass is applicable to foreigners who will be working in Singapore on short term assignments that fall into certain activity categories. The maximum period of stay is 60 days. Learn more

Foreigners Undergoing Training

Training Employment PassThis pass is applicable to foreigners who are attached to professional, managerial, executive or specialist jobs for practical training purposes. Learn more

Foreign Entrepreneurs

  1. Multiple Journey VisaThis visa facilitates the frequent entry of foreign entrepreneurs from countries that require a visa into Singapore, which is suitable for you who are interested in exploring business opportunities in Singapore. Learn more
  2. Long Term Visit Pass for EntrepreneursThis pass is suitable for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to have a longer stay in Singapore for business opportunities exploration purposes. The pass also entitles you to leave and re-enter Singapore within the validity period, without having to re-apply it every time. Learn more

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