1. Annual Return – Pursuant to the Singapore Companies Act (Cap. 50), every company having a share capital shall lodge a return containing its particulars, with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). If you have not engaged our Corporate Secretarial Retainer Services and you would like to file your Annual Return, we can render this service as “piece meal” engagement.
  2. Notice of Change– A company is required to notify the ACRA of any change in its registered particulars, here are the types of change which are commonly filed:
    • Change of company name
    • Change of registered office address
    • Change of share capital
    • Transfer of shares
    • Change of principal business activities
    • Change of particulars of directors, secretaries or auditors
    • Conversion of company type, either from private limited to public or vice versa

We will assist in preparing the necessary secretarial documents for the change and lodge it accordingly with the ACRA.


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