All business transactions revolve around tax issues that constantly change with updates in the relevant laws. For example, in the recent Budget 2011, there were numerous changes that have subsequent tax implications for businesses.

Hence, it is crucial for companies to engage professional and efficient tax advisers for their services in advising on how to deal with these changes and updates.

Our abundant experience and expertise in Tax and IT services have propelled us to cultivate a culture that is dedicated to delivering true value to our customers.

How are we able to offer competitive prices while maintaining quality?

  1. Our experienced tax professionals are able to analyze and plan a job efficiently in order to eradicate any idle time.
  2. We have established procedures that allow the job to be tracked and monitored closely, in order to avoid repetitive work.
  3. Our IT system is able to depict and alert any regulatory updates to reduce any manual tracking by the tax staff.
  4. Our fees are customized to allow greater flexibility.

What We Offer:

  1. Corporate and Personal income tax computations
  2. Filing and submission for Form C (Corporate), Form B/B1 (Personal), Form T (Trust), Form P(Partnership) & others.
  3. Attend to IRAS queries on Corporate & Personal tax issues
  4. Application for certificate of residence and waiver for submission of form C for dormant company.
  5. Estimated chargeable income for company.

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