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Congratulations! You are now officially the boss of your company. This marks an unforgettable milestone in your life.

You are all geared up, your company open for business. A month passes. Things are going really smoothly. Two. Three. Four. Business is picking up and going well as you planned. It’s the fifth month and boy you’re loving it. Before you know it, you have been doing well for the sixth month.

Wait a minute.

Did you fulfill this mandatory criterion as required by ACRA?

“Every company must appoint a secretary within 6 months of the date of its incorporation.” – ACRA.

Yet to? Take a deep breath. Don’t panic.


What? Do you mean I need to get a corporate secretary?

Well, yes you do.

Can’t I double up and be my own corporate secretary?

Yes you can, but you must not be the sole director of the company.

If you’re thinking phew, thankfully there’s two directors of the company. Now I don’t have to go through all that trouble to get a secretary for my company. Or I can save the money for this extra thing.

Hold your thought, I have to stop you there.

Firstly, it’s not that much of a hassle to get a corporate secretary in Singapore. All it takes is a quick google and you will find that you’re spoiled for choice.

While it does make sense to save as much money as you can when you first start out, you shouldn’t be saving on this one.

This is money you need to spend. You’ve got to for the long term good of you and your company.


Outsourcing corporate secretarial services may sound like an unnecessary option to you. But before you dismiss it, or decide to take on the role just a bit too hastily, here is ACRA’s list of stringent requirements you must comply.

You may be thinking, well I can employ someone to be the company secretary.

It does sound like a good idea. Why not have a look at Singapore’s company secretaries duties before you make a call?

Your company secretary needs to meet all requirements and duties laid out by ACRA. In short you are looking at employing a professional well-versed in all the company laws, ACRA’s requirements, guidelines, updates and changes.

Hm. You’re probably thinking that employing a professional for this job sounds pricey. Gonna add to your monthly running costs. Now think of the long term costs of hiring an in-house corporate secretary.


1. You can stay focused on what you do. Leave the work to the experts so you can do what you do best. You don’t have to split focus and keep tabs on what your company secretary is up to.
2. Fees are more affordable and possibly cheaper. When you compare it to engaging an equally professional in-house corporate secretary.
3. Continuing from point 2, you don’t have to fork out extra cash. Extra cash for equipment, corporate secretarial IT programs, and all the hidden costs.

Save your time, effort, and money! You can leave the work to our professionals. We are here to ensure that business regulatory compliance is never a burden to you. Just so that you can do what you love to do – leading and growing your business.

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