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This pass is suitable for foreign entrepreneurs who wish to have a longer stay in Singapore for business opportunities exploration purposes. The pass also entitles you to leave and re-enter Singapore within the validity period, without having to re-apply it every time.


  1. The applicant must provide evidence of project-plan for an emerging business in Singapore and / or presence of a Singapore joint-venture partner; OR
  2. The applicant is representing a parent company with established track record and has a presence in global / regional markets or is looking for a presence in the global / regional markets.

Validity of Long Term Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs

A maximum of 6 months.

Documents Required:

  1. Duly completed Form 14 signed by the Applicant and a Local Sponsor (the Local Sponsor must be either a Singapore Citizen(SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident(SPR)
    1. One recent passport-sized colour photograph (to be pasted on the top right-hand corner of Form 14)
  2. Duly completed Form V39I signed by the local sponsor (Malaysians are not required to complete this form)
  3. Letter of support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
  4. Applicant’s travel document (e.g. passport) with at least 6 months validity. A copy of the travel document personal particulars page must be submitted to Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA)
  5. Applicant’s Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) card with a valid Visit Pass granted on entry into Singapore
  6. The Local Sponsor’s Identity Card (a copy of the NRIC must be submitted to ICA)
  7. A brief write-up indicating:
    1. Objective of your stay
    2. Area of business interest
    3. Preliminary business idea
    4. Development strategy with proposed timeline and operations plan
    5. Resume of your relevant skill(s) & work experience(s)
    6. Any other additional information to support the application (if any)


  1. Application for Letter of Support from EDB (Outcome will be mailed to the Singapore correspondence address indicated on the Application Form)
  2. Application for Long Term Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs with ICA
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